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I did clean and made a new order to my beadcorner April 29, 2007

Posted by kaarina54 in beads, finmolly, toning.

Today started with an energy to clean my beadcorner. Yesterday I cleaned my computer corner as Ari my hubby made changes to my beading table. So today I wanted to make it as I want it to be. It need more toning during time…. Even so this is better than good for me.

This is the left side of my corner and my view out.

this is how it looks on the right side.

This is on the left side of my table and there is still room for boxes. I only must buy more of them and I will get them in time.

These shelves are for me and my beading stuff. I have also four drawers on the left side of my table.

Here is my old keyboard self in new use. Help to keep my works in process out of Welho’s reach.

Here is my new silver solding that I bought on Friday.

I got this from Ari last week as he found it at a shops sell off. I have been dreaming of this vice for a long tima and I’m real happy to have it now.




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