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We moved to our summerhouse! June 8, 2007

Posted by kaarina54 in beads, cats, toning.

We moved to our summerhome on Saturday. At first there were only Ari and me. As we had to cut the grass from our yard before we could take our kitties with us.

here Ari is cutting the grass with our new second hand lawnmower.

Here are the wooden storcks the live on our yard.

There is also a stone cat that watches over us.


He looks very angry.

There is also another cat that says Welcome. It was broken until I fixed it on Sunday.

I also toned it abit as I changed the way this welcome was attached to my wedding present cat.

I also toned our  windchim that had broken. This isn’t just what I wanted…. next time I will change it a little more.


Yesterday when we came home I found a package inside and that made me so happy. Now I have beads for necklaces and Finmollies for the summer as the store here goes for vacation.

Here’s another photo from them.


I also heard from Wendy that Vanessa has gotten my little angel and that she loved it.

I think I will take some beads to our cottage so that I can make those little angels for others too.



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