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We visited my friend Minttu August 20, 2007

Posted by kaarina54 in About me and why, cross stitch.

On the 1 of June we visited my friend Minttu at Loppi near Helsinki. It was nice to see her and see how beautiful finish countryside looks. Summer is so beautiful and green here.

Minttu has this lovely flowerpot on their steps. Those wood seem so cool beside the flowers.

This old storehouse is at their yard. This is typical for old finnish farmhouses. There slept workers at summertime and there they stored linen and clothes in the old days.

The view from the yard is beautiful and green. There is a small river nearby.

The river makes a little pond.

There is a sauna near the water. This seems like everyones dream here in Finland.


Minttu gave me a beautiful needlepillow.

and two cross stitch magazines.

this one with that beautiful little sailing boat and

this with cute Christmas patterns.

I got also a bag full off oat grains so that I can make me a pillow that can be warmed and put to my aching shoulders. I have some linen towel that I inherited from my mom and I plan to make it from those towels.




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