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inmolly is the name I gave to the accessories that I’ve designed for cross stitching, knitting and jewelry.

My first design was fiber hider for cross stitching. As I did cross stitch a lot and hated finnishing as I wanted to use my threads as well as possible. I had seen a dololly and notised that it was real hard to use for me. So I started to think how to use one that is sturdier and easier to use. I also wanted to make it so that it will be for long time heavy use.



This was one of the first sets I made. As when I made those working fiber hiders I notised that stitchmarker are as useful. I knew I wanted a set for me and thought others would like them too. This started my Finmolly designs.

When I got recycle strings from friends I tried different string sizes also. So now I have the possibility tomake fiber hiders for cross stitching, knitting and petit point.



This was the second set I made for knitting. After this I did change my style for those rowmarkers as well as the fiberhider changed a little too.

As my fellow knitters saw my rowmarkers and fiber hiders they begun to ask for stitchmarker for knitting too. So I had to start desinging my own style markers.

Then I wanted to make some earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Know my big dream is to get to study making chanis from silver and even jewelry from the start. I hope I will be well enough to go next fall when there is a study group here in Turku.

I will try to make a page with instructions for using Finmollies soon.



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