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We moved to our summerhouse! June 8, 2007

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We moved to our summerhome on Saturday. At first there were only Ari and me. As we had to cut the grass from our yard before we could take our kitties with us.

here Ari is cutting the grass with our new second hand lawnmower.

Here are the wooden storcks the live on our yard.

There is also a stone cat that watches over us.


He looks very angry.

There is also another cat that says Welcome. It was broken until I fixed it on Sunday.

I also toned it abit as I changed the way this welcome was attached to my wedding present cat.

I also toned ourĀ  windchim that had broken. This isn’t just what I wanted…. next time I will change it a little more.


Yesterday when we came home I found a package inside and that made me so happy. Now I have beads for necklaces and Finmollies for the summer as the store here goes for vacation.

Here’s another photo from them.


I also heard from Wendy that Vanessa has gotten my little angel and that she loved it.

I think I will take some beads to our cottage so that I can make those little angels for others too.


Today I got beads in the mail May 8, 2007

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I did order some beading things and beads last week and today they arrived here. In my package there were beads for my wind chime that was broken when we went for the first time to our cottage.

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Yesterday I did buy some nylon yarn for fishers. This is the yarn I mean to use when fixing my chime.

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I did clean and made a new order to my beadcorner April 29, 2007

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Today started with an energy to clean my beadcorner. Yesterday I cleaned my computer corner as Ari my hubby made changes to my beading table. So today I wanted to make it as I want it to be. It need more toning during time…. Even so this is better than good for me.

This is the left side of my corner and my view out.

this is how it looks on the right side.

This is on the left side of my table and there is still room for boxes. I only must buy more of them and I will get them in time.

These shelves are for me and my beading stuff. I have also four drawers on the left side of my table.

Here is my old keyboard self in new use. Help to keep my works in process out of Welho’s reach.

Here is my new silver solding that I bought on Friday.

I got this from Ari last week as he found it at a shops sell off. I have been dreaming of this vice for a long tima and I’m real happy to have it now.


I did some toning today April 24, 2007

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I have been wanting to get a cleaner for my solding iron. It’s always been out of reach for some reason or other. Last week I sent Ari to get us a cleaner pads called Pata-pata. They have the claning sollution in them. Ari borought me two steel casting balls. I wasn’t glad at that moment.

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Last night as I was solding again I thought that a cleaning pad would be so easy sollution to help me. I desided to get one. Then I remembered those balls. Espesially the one not used yet. I could use it.

Would I have a small dish for it. I did look from my mothers things and found a little candle holder that was just the right size.

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So here it is a real luxus cleaner pad for my solder.
This candle holder is made from pressed crystal.

Renewing my rosary April 23, 2007

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This is my rosary. I got this as a gift from a friend year 1969 in Poland. Since then it has been with me. I found it after many years and felt bad as it had broken badly.

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Welho my Cornish Rex princes thought that this is a wonderful toy for her.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I didn’t agree and after ter this I sent Welho away from my computer.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This was what I got done on Friday. It wasn’t as easy as I thought. The only things I could use were the Cross and the rosary charm.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I got this done yesterday and I like how it looks.

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I’m going to make me a collage from these as the picture of tzasouna reminds me of Karelia. My Grandmother is from Karelia as is my father, too. That little booklike box was the container of my rosary. That little book is a Swedish New Testament witch was printed in London in the year 1849. Last and not least there is my rosary. These all have dear memoriesof my youth and roots.

So I will make my framed memory collage from them.